Time-tested tips to improve your spoken English

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Want to learn English online? Well, here are a few tips on how a few basic processes and the right English speaking course can be a big game-changer.

The four linguistic skills that people utilise when learning any new language are reading, writing, listening, and speaking, and the same is true for English as well. That said, of all the four, people often find speaking the most difficult. Honing your English speaking skills, particularly when it isn’t your mother tongue, can be very difficult and stressful. Thus, we’ve tried listing a few tips on how to improve your fluency and how an online English speaking course in India can help.

  • Think in English: The prime difficulty with English speaking is how you think. When English isn’t your native language, you try thinking in your native language, and thus, you end up translating between languages, and that’s where things get complicated. Thus, to sort out this problem, you need to start thinking things in English.
  • Pay attention to stressed sounds: English incorporates stresses in words and sentences. When you learn English online, you’d notice how native speakers emphasize or lay stress on certain syllables. This would not only help you to iron out the pronunciation mistakes, but also reduce misunderstandings. Learn to hear the difference.
  • Listen and repeat: This is one of the ways in which any online English tutor in India would tell you to proceed. Following along with TV shows or YouTube videos and trying to sound natural is the right way to improve your English speaking prowess. Try to match the pronunciation, the tone, and the speed how it’s spoken.
  • Learn word forms: That’s right! One thing that makes learning English easy, is learning the different forms of words. This enhances your vocabulary. For example, if you know the word ‘write’, you should also other forms of the same, like ‘wrote’ and ‘written’. Knowing to use the different forms of any word correctly is half the battle won.
  • Learn phrases: An even better way of improving your English speaking skills is to learn phrases, instead of words. When you learn phrases, you automatically use correct grammar and vocabulary. In fact, learning phrases make you sound more natural while interacting.
  • Prepare for specific situations: Are you learning English to boost your career prospects? Well, in that case, practice speaking in English in front of the mirror as if you are in an interview. Practice everything that you might have to say in such situations. This would not only boost your morale, but would also heighten your speaking prowess.
  • Learn English online: You may not have a partner with whom you can practice speaking in English, but you have something better! Enroll in a good online English speaking course in India, and you’d notice the difference in a few months. These are particularly great for people looking to polish their English conversation skills and write English effectively.
  • Be a bit creative: Learning English or improving your English speaking skills can be fun if you can be a bit creative. Try sitting on a couch and describing anything that you see around you. If you’re just starting, you can use short sentences and easy vocabulary. But as you become confident, you’ll get better at it.
  • Read English books: Want to improve your English speaking skills? Well, then you’d have to start reading as well! Reading makes the brain work and thus is considered a great way to improve one’s speaking skills. Besides, reading exposes you to new words which you can later use in your conversations.
  • Talk to your smart device: Today’s smartphones and other smart devices allow people to speak into the microphones and in turn can fetch requisite data or perform a task. So, try interacting with Siri or Google, or speak out a message instead of typing it on the keyboard. This is a great way if finding out if your English can be properly understood.

Can an online English tutor help?

Speaking fluently and confidently is one of the biggest hurdles for someone trying to acquire a new language. So, if you are serious about it, we’d recommend getting in touch with a professional online teacher or enroll in a reputed online English speaking course in India. They have a disciplined or a structured approach to helping people learn English. This is why we recommend Speechify. They offer one on one classes, have flexible timings, have experienced teachers, and have the best courses available at competitive rates.

Key takeaway

Worried about whether or not you should proceed with an online English speaking course in India? Well, you can try some of the tips we’ve enlisted in this blog and when you start seeing some results and are more confident about your progress, you can get into an English speaking course.

Most reliable speaking courses offer demo lessons, have a carefully tailored study plan, offer a plethora of online lessons to access, and more. Make use of these and find out how all this has a notable bearing on your overall effort of achieving better fluency in English.

There was a time when people thought that memorizing lists of words, going through dictionaries, and studying grammar are the only ways of succeeding in English. However, there’s a lot more that can help! Go out and put your English knowledge into practice. While studying written English is still vital to knowing English and improving grammar, according to experts, the most effective way of learning English is face to face. Surround yourself with people who aren’t native English speakers. This would allow you to get rid of the fear of making mistakes while speaking in English and sounding foolish. Enroll in a quality English speaking course and overcome those fears. 

Let us know what you like about online speaking courses and why you think it can help you in your career. Do you think people from small towns can benefit from such courses? Feel free to reach out to us or comment below. Also, find out how Speechify can heighten your language skills at great competitive rates, without hurting your pocket or breaking the bank.

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