Entrepreneur Shawn Finnegan from Utah Teaches How To Win Big In Business

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Shawn Finnegan, a serial entrepreneur with a keen insight into building successful entrepreneurs and a leader in business innovation, has recently revealed the core principles of his business principles.

Shawn Finnegan shared his positive attitude towards business and how it has led to his successes in a variety of entrepreneurial ventures. He said that "being prepared for any challenge and maintaining this mindset will help you succeed in any situation. The key to success as an entrepreneur lies more to be done with individuals than any process or system."

Shawn believes that the current top trend is for CEOs and founders to connect with each other to build real relationships. The three principal tenets of his positive business philosophy include:

Respecting People Like You Would Like To Be Treated 

Shawn was aware that his success didn't depend on him being the sole priority. The entrepreneur honed his experience by recognizing early on that people must be at the center of his work. He shared that truly caring about his teams, helping them grow their capabilities and helping them refine the skills they need to deliver outstanding customer service have always paid dividends, and has helped him rise to the various issues that come with starting and growing the business.

"People ought to be respected and respected. All my businesses that I've started as well as the people I've been working with (colleagues and customers) are treated as the individual, valuable, and unique individuals they are."

Customers are the Real Assets

Shawn believes customer service in the United States is an art that is dying. He opted to be transparent and available to his team instead of choosing an easier path. He makes clients feel comfortable around him, allowing them to contact him as mentors or trusted advisors.

"I'm a big believer in being a team player, respecting people and helping them succeed in their respective roles within the organization. Additionally, I'm the person that people can trust to help them align their beliefs and goals with the goals they have set for career advancement and how we all collaborate to provide the best service for our clients."

Building Relationships To Reduce Turnover

Shawn added that a priority for any entrepreneur is to cut down on turnover as well as the issues that can come with this. This is accomplished by focusing on the importance of people as well as creating a culture that respects employees and customers.

"Ultimately, respect for people is the most important thing to consider in every business relationship."

More About Shawn Finnegan in Utah 

Shawn Finnegan is a serial businessman with years of experience in the world of business due to his tried and true formula for creating a relationship-driven business. His opinions on this topic are a natural outgrowth of his belief in valuing people in all aspects of what they do. Shawn is regarded as a leader within his industry and it is likely that he will be at the forefront of this field for many years into the future.

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